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The dream is still alive! Why~ because as long as you have hope, desire and passion for something, you can achieve anything. My PD catheter that ended my Believe In The Possibility ride just 6 legs,10 days short and after riding over 7000 kms due to an infection and had to be removed, was successfully re- ìnstalled November 18th/2015.

I can’t express how extremely excited I am to be able to do PD Home therapy again which is what enables me to ride from St Johns Newfoundland to Kamloops BC.

Now I can concentrate on training over the winter months so that on June 1rst / 2016 I can finish what I started and ride the remaining 625 kms from Kamloops to mile 0 monument in Victoria BC.

Join me on a leg or two as I finish this epic journey across Canada.

Dale Calibaba

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